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Financial Planning Process

 We follow an objective, comprehensive and thoughtful process in developing a financial plan or  investment philosophy.  There are 7 Steps to this process:

(1)  Identify your goals and objectives.  Knowing what is really important to you about achieving your particular goals helps us understand the direction a financial plan should take.

(2)  Prioritize your financial goals and objectives so that financial resources can be applied in a thoughtful and focused manner.

(3)  Benchmarking where you are today.  This involves collecting data on where you stand financially, including what assets you currently own, how they are titled and what savings strategies are currently being employed.  This helps us to establish a starting point for the financial plan.

(4)  Development of the plan using the appropriate analysis tools.

(5)  Solutions and strategies are developed to address your financial goals and objectives.  These proposed strategies need to fit three criteria (1) they must make sense as to how they will get you where you want to go; (2) you need to feel comfortable with the strategy and (3) it has to fit within your budget.

(6)  Taking action - we work with you to help you implement your financial plan.  This involves helping you to make informed decisions regarding what specific actions to take in seeking to achieve your goals.

(7)  Monitoring and updating your financial plan, insurance portfolio, and investment portfolio in view of the certainty that things will change over time.